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  1. Buy NN DMT cart

NN DMT cart refers to a type of vape cartridge that contains N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and is used for vaping the psychedelic compound. DMT is a powerful hallucinogen that occurs naturally in several plants and is known to induce intense spiritual experiences and altered states of consciousness.

The NN DMT cart is a vape cartridge that contains a concentrated form of DMT, which is extracted from natural sources and then infused into a vape oil solution. The cartridge is designed to be used with a vape pen or battery, and the DMT oil is heated and vaporized, producing a thick cloud of vapor that can be inhaled.

DMT is known for its rapid onset and short duration of effects, typically lasting between 10 to 30 minutes. The intense psychedelic experience produced by DMT is often described as a “breakthrough” or “ego death” experience, characterized by vivid visual and auditory hallucinations, profound insights, and a sense of connection to a higher power or spiritual realm.


DMT CARTS can produce a short and long lived hallucination

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11 reviews for NN DMT CART For Sale

  1. Darren Mccurdy

    I loved the carts it really gave me the breakthrough i have been searching

  2. dmtmaster

    Your carts are amazing i was amazed at the sight of my package 📦 and was totally shocked by how good my trip was, i told my friends about you and they all want some carts especially the 5 meo dmt cart, i will definitely be coming back to order more

  3. Kimberlee Zimmerman

    Thank you for being a blessing to the psychonaut community, i had an amazing experience with my friends this weekend it was worth the try and now that i know you are legit i will definitely be referring my friends to you for this is really hard to find in our area, thank you once more you will be hearing again from me soon.

  4. Benito Stavolone

    Thank you meo dmt master for finally giving me the opportunity to have my first experience with dmt using the cart and it was crazy. I didn’t break through or anything like that, but it was still super intense. The most noticeable (non-visual) thing was how extremely fast it felt as though I was moving. After that first kick off, the walls started to flow, there were tracers, and patterns started to move. I spent most of the time looking at the wrinkles in my jeans, honestly.

  5. Ethan Calavera

    When I got a computer around the age of 14 I noticed that on psychedelic drugs people are having experiances with interdimensional

    entitys. I was convinced, and even more thourougly so when i read a dmt trip report, that described an entity which another

    trip report had a painting of.

    Ive broken through multiple times on dmt and asked them where they think existance came from,

    they said they dont know and took me to a machine that they “built to try to find out”.

    I was intruguied with dxm because taking it causes coincedences to happen.

    Ive seen one outside source on this.

    I will give one example now of one of the many coincedences that happened from taking it.

    One day I wasnt happy with the potency of my mushroom trip so i decided to smoke weed which amplifies the affects of mushrooms.

    While I did this I experianced a phenomonon called “depersinolization”. When people experiance this they feel as though they

    are an actor in a tv show, or movie. After smoking this weed I became depersonolized for a small amount of time.

    I had experiances with depersonlization in the past where I saw t.v studio camera around me and

    an audiance laughing. But this time I saw that I was on a platform in the circus.

    The very next day i was at work at pizza hut and someone called to place an order. This is exactly how the conversation went.

    caller: “what is your name”?


    “Okay, I will come place my order”

    hung up.

    A muslim man arives and asks for me and says 3 things and three things only – litterally one after the other.

    “Hows your car doing?” A coincedence bceause I had JUST gotten my car and it needed some work.

    “maybe well go shooting sometime” A coincedence because I have gone shooting in the past every time I go to the mountains.

    and the third and final thing he greeted me with: “maybe we’ll go to the circus sometime, but only after smoking a little weed”.

    My jaw drops. I knew this stuff caused coincedences, but not like that.

    Well, i realized that i cant make coincedences happen, and I realized that I cant design visuals, so i knew there were interdimensional

    entitys at work here doing the designing. Where theres design, there is always a designer.

    Shortly after I looked up into the sky and said “gods of drugs, I know that you’re real, please reveal yourelve to me”.

    I felt a precense high in the sky and he said telepathicly “we are real and we will reveal ourselves to you soon”.

    The next day I hit a bowl of weed once and a white orb flys up to me. and he says

    “I am the god of weed, we know that you know that we exist” I said “can you prove that youre the god of weed”? and he said “you want a

    visual”? and I said “sure” he said “here you go” and I saw a visual. Just the fact that

    he spoke to me that he was going to do it and then he did was proof enough. Then he said,

    now that you know that we are real you get to meet the god of each class of drugs and choose which one to worship for

    your whole life. When you die they will decide whether you will go to heaven or hell”.

    At that point I got VERY scared because now hell was in the equation.

    So the next day I decide to meet the god of dissociatives, so i took some dxm. I feel a precense with me at my desk and he speaks to me

    telepathicly to go downstairs and get my little sister and bring her upstairs to watch rick and morty with me. I didnt want to do

    this because she was quite young, but he said that if i dont do this he will put cockroaches on my legs and I began feeling them, so i

    did. I also felt that this “god” of dissociatives was also the god of coincedences, hence all the coincedences from taking dissociatives.

    The next day I take some acid to try to meet the god of acid and while laying down on my bed I hear these voices, they are all saying:

    “f*ck it, this kid wants to know, lets just show him, f*ck it.” Meaning “This kid wants to know where existance came from this bad?

    Lets just show him.”.

    I immediately I saw the roof of my house and zoomed out of entire galaxys. each galaxy gave me the affect of a different drug.

    After zooming all the way out, I zoom out of a white ball with a stick underneath. The stick is being held by a being whose

    body is the shape of a box shape. Coming out of the box was his long neck that had arms extending from it which held up the stick that

    held ontop the entire universe. He had a handlebar mustachce on his face, and eyes that were sphericly aimed towards the ball.

    He noticed me and sprung his head out at me and said “Yknow that theory you heard the other day about the nature of existance”?

    I said “yes”, he said “its true”.

    and then he vanished.

    The theory he was talking about is the theory that when someone finds out about the nature of existance its instantly replaces with

    something more absurd.

    I was devestated.

    Finding out the nature of existance was all I cared about. I bassicly lost all hope, but decided to run a test and see if I could disprove

    what just happened. I had a lot of acid, and decided to test out if I could still recieve designed visions, and revelations. I figured

    that If i could there may still be hope that the gods are still the same gods I had met before. I saved my tolerance for a week and

    took 14 hits.

    Nothing. I did have wavy visuals, but not my ususal bombardment of revelations and designed visuals.

    The next day at work I am washing dishes and a feeling/decision comes over me that I needed to kill myself. It would either end my (now)

    pointless life, or I would find hope in what lays thereafter. I figured it would just end it entirely.

    I drive home weeping and stop by my friends house, he’s home, but has no wisdom to offer me.

    He calls our friend and his mom tooks him over,

    but he had hope to give. I didnt even bother explaining what happened, It was already sure to me.

    I then stop by my other friends house. He isnt home, but when his mom tells me that

    he isnt there I begin crying and she invites me in and I tell here everything that happened. She had no wisdom, either.

    I go home and as a last ditch effort to find the truth I google “what happens when you die” but

    am crying to hard to pay any attention to the answers. I put my face in my pillow and say outloud, “I just want to know where

    existance came from”. I felt two eyes looking at me from behind my head and felt him smiling at me. This being was not like the

    ones I had met before. This being was Holy, and more real than you are.

    I felt so much love and undesrtanding come off of him, so much understanding that I knew he was God.

    With a grin on my face, I said “Are you Jesus Christ”? and he said “Yes”. To which I replied “I love you” He didnt need to say it,

    but He said “I love you, too”. Then he downloaded me with the knowledge of the nature of existance, mainly that God created all of this,

    and that the beings I was talking to were angels that left heaven because if God allowed them they would have poisened the eternal

    kindgom. He showed me how God made the earth for the purpose of life, but since we rebelled, we ennacted the opposite, death.

    Yet God, not willing that any should miss eternity, sent Himself in the likeness of man, so that we can approach God. The God who

    offered up his own self, for his creations rebellion.

    Then I said “can i have the Holy Spirit?” and I felt a white orb fly into my stomach. In the gospel of John, John records Jesus saying

    ” On the last and great day of the feast, Jesus stood up and cried out with a loud voice:

    ‘Whosever belives in me, as the scriptures have said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water” but this he spake of the Spirit’, John adds.

    Then Jesus head flew into the Holy Spirit and I sat in my room all night with Jesus. I could have asked Him any question that I wanted to,

    but I knew I had just met the answer.

  6. dmtmaster

    The best guys in the internet, product quality is the best

  7. Lindsay Ryan

    I had a total breakthrough with your carts, was my first experience with dmt and i plan on getting the powder for my next journey to the other side

  8. Marcos Santos

    Buying my carts here is pretty fast and legit
    DMT master is really a great place to get dmt powder and carts from ❤️

  9. Santia

    Buying from meo is really wanderful thank you all guys the hole wanderful crew

  10. Tal Bram

    It’s legit and of good quality

  11. Joseph kane

    Best you can find online

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